We are excited about our extended community enrichment center in Fannin County. Our programs are
located at 107 Bois D' Arc Street in the historic Old High School that has an 850 seat auditorium,
basketball gym, movie theatre, tennis court, trade shop and exercise room. Our community programs at
this location are:

Out of School Programs
Our out of school care and tutoring program is for students and parents who need help and extended
hours. The mission is to intentionally engage in the total well being of each child’s academic progress
and development.

Job Skills Training
Computer learning, career development and job placement

Comprehensive Youth Development
Our Community Center is a safe haven of community services and support programs. Youth will have
various programs such as counseling, computer classes, and recreational games.

Men’s Mentor Program
Project United men’s mentor program encourages men to be positive role models in their homes and
community. Our program challenge men to get involved with youth support programs and to mentor at-
risk teens.

Parenting Leadership Program
Parents will improve their child development and child management skills by learning to be a positive role
model who develops strong values and beliefs in their children. The program also encourages the One-
third Concept. The One-third Concept emphasizes that teachers, students and parents have responsibility
for one-third of youth education with the realization that two-thirds of education happens in the home.  

Senior Citizen Programs
Our recreational activities for the elderly is designed to get them involved socially for their health and
well-being. We believe that the wisdom of the elderly is vital for the development of teens of our

Teen Birds and Bees Program
Our program is designed to educate youth to have respect and love for their bodies by remaining
abstinent until marriage or adulthood. Youth are informed on the downside of sex such as pregnancy
and disease. Our program focuses on positive thinking by encouraging youth to strive for higher
education and self-sufficiency.

Teen Club                                                    

Our youth fitness center is a gym that has an exercise facility specifically designed to accommodate
teens. Our classes will incorporate fun and games with exercises in order to assist with the health and
welfare of teens in our community. The center will also have accommodations for the handicap.

Women’s Mentor Program
Project United women’s mentor program encourages women to be positive role models in their homes
and community. Our program challenge women to get involved with youth support programs and to
mentor at-risk teens.
Our Motto:
"Health is a lifestyle one day at a time"
Honey Grove, Texas